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How To Watch Classic Movies On A Modern TV

There’s nothing better than going back and watching an old favourite, but technology has changed significantly since the days of classic movies! If you’re a classic movie buff that wants to get the best viewing experience out of your modern television, tune into our guide for tips and tricks from the experts at Ferguson TV.

How To Adjust Your Audio Settings For Classic Movies

While modern TVs adapt well to classic movie visuals, the audio can sometimes be trickier. Have you ever turned the volume right up on a classic film during a speaking part only to scramble around for the remote when the music suddenly booms out ten times louder?

We spoke to our in-house expert to get their advice on how to adjust the audio levels of your modern TV to avoid peaks and troughs that threaten to blow the speaker...

1. Use The Movie Setting

In the SOUND menu (SOUND button) - select Movies. The manufacturer believes these are the settings that will give you the best audio experience for movies with that specific TV and its internal speakers. However, this setting often assumes that the user is listening with perfect 7-year-old ears. In reality, the user’s ears will usually be much older.

If the Movies setting doesn’t quite work for you, using the USER setting in the Audio menu allows these movie audio settings to be adjusted to your personal preferences.

2. Turn Up The Volume...Without Turning Up The Volume

If you do not want to turn up the volume but want the TV to sound loud, increase bass and treble settings in USER mode.

To make the TV sound louder without actually being higher volume you should use USER mode and set Bass and Treble to be near maximum. This works for soft or low-level sound when the volume control is set low. However, as the volume control is increased, it no longer has the same effect. This is due to the way pressure waves are converted to nerve signals in the inner ear.

3. Invest In A Sound Bar

TV speakers will do so much, but we recommend using a sound bar for more sophisticated audio settings. A sound bar will often produce sound down to 60Hz and has a more advanced audio quality design.

4. Automate Your Audio

Make your TV do the hard work for you. Many modern TVs have something called an Auto Volume setting – this means it knows when the volume is about to jump too high or too low and will adjust your audio settings accordingly.

Movies have a big dynamic range (soft sound sequences compared to loud sequences) as part of the dramatic effect. In movie theatres, this is sometimes magnified (loud sounds made even louder) to increase the drama, but you might not want this at home. It can be reduced by turning the Auto Volume setting to ON in the Audio menu.

Where To Stream Classic Movies

Streaming is king nowadays, so unless you have a DVD player ready to go, chances are on a modern TV, you’ll need to find your classic movie of choice on a streaming service. We’ve put together a list of our favourite classic movies, along with run times and where you can stream them in the UK, to make it even easier to access your favourite classic film.

Movie TitleYear ReleasedRun TimeWhere To Stream (UK)
It Happened One Night19341h 45mAmazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play
A Raisin In The Sun19612h 8mAmazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play
The Wizard of Oz19391h 52mAmazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play
The Philadelphia Story19401h 52mAmazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play
His Girl Friday19401h 32mAmazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play
Rebecca19402h 10mN/A
Citizen Kane19411h 59mBBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play
The Maltese Falcon19411h 41mAmazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play
Casablanca19421h 42mAmazon Prime, YouTube
It’s A Wonderful Life19462h 11mAmazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play
The Third Man19491h 48mAmazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play
All About Eve19502h 18mAmazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play
An American In Paris19511h 55mYouTube, Google Play
Sunset Boulevard19501h 55mAmazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play
Singin’ In The Rain19521h 43mYouTube, Google Play
Roman Holiday19531h 58mAmazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play
Shane19531h 58mAmazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play
Tokyo Story19532h 16mAmazon Prime
Carmen Jones19541h 48mYouTube, Google Play
Seven Samurai19543h 27mAmazon Prime
12 Angry Men19571h 36mAmazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play
Touch of Evil19581h 35mAmazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play
Vertigo19582h 9mAmazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play
Some Like It Hot19592h 12mAmazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play
The 400 Blows19591h 39mN/A
Breathless19601h 43mAmazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play
The Apartment19602h 5mAmazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play
La Dolce Vita19603hAmazon Prime
Psycho19601h 49mAmazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play
Lawrence of Arabia19623h 48mN/A
Mary Poppins19642h 19mDisney+, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play
Repulsion19651h 46mAmazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play
The Graduate19671h 47mAmazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play
To Sir, with Love19671h 45mAmazon Prime, YouTube, Google
Cool Hand Luke19672h 7mAmazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play
2001: A Space Odyssey19682h 44mAmazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play
The Godfather19722h 58mAmazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play
Jaws19752h 10mNetflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play
Cooley High19751h 47mN/A
Taxi Driver19761h 54mAmazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play
Apocalypse Now19792h 33mYouTube