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Find the right size TV for your home setup

Looking for a fantastic new television for your living room or bedroom? Maybe you have your eye on one that looks great, but you’re just not sure about the size. Without knowing the tricks of the industry, it can be confusing to find the right one. There’s no point buying something you’re not sure is the right size, because it could easily turn out to be too big, or more often, too small!

Don’t let your viewing experience look like a blurry, awful mess. The latest episode of your favourite show is too good for shoddy TV set ups.

So to ensure that you have the best viewing experience and you aren’t squinting to see detail, or getting lost in all the pixels, we’re going to talk about the best way to find the perfect screen size for your room. Let’s elevate your viewing experience to new heights.

How TV Screen Sizes Work

One admittedly strange thing about screen sizes in televisions is that we don’t actually talk about them with their “real” measurements in mind. Instead, industry standard is to talk about the diagonal size of the screen. So, when looking at a new TV, if you find yourself thinking that a 55” tall TV won’t fit, then don’t worry because it’s actually going to be a little shorter than that!

Measuring a New TV

This is our 55″ 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV, and as you can see, the 55” measurement only refers to the diagonal width of the screen itself. The height of the TV is 31”, including the stand, and it’s 49” wide, including the stand. This means that when you measure up a TV, you should pay attention to the actual dimensions of the television, rather than only the screen.

Finding the Perfect Spot for a New TV

Now we know how TV screen measurements work, let’s get onto finding the right place for the TV to go.

When purchasing a new TV, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Not only are you giving yourself a new, higher quality television experience, but you are also giving yourself the opportunity to find the absolute best place for the television to stand.

This means that you can determine exactly where in your living room, bedroom, or wherever the TV will be going that the TV should stand.

There is a great rule of thumb when it comes to perfecting where your TV should be:

The perfect spot for a TV

Take the size of the TV screen, multiply it by 1.2, and the resulting distance is your ideal viewing distance.

Viewing Distance Measurements

Other things to consider

Check the resolution, especially with larger screens

When thinking about a new TV, especially bigger TVs, you should aim for the highest quality resolution you can find. If a bigger TV doesn’t have better resolution, it won’t look as sharp. Look for 4K Ultra HD on larger screen sizes for better image quality.

If you’re eagle-eyed, and how crisp the image is important for you, then you should pay attention to the resolution because if you don’t increase the resolution as the screen size increases you’re losing definition in images.

Measure your TV cabinet / wall area

Depending on where you aim to have your TV, on a TV cabinet or perhaps mounted to the wall, you need to make sure that you’re using the real dimensions of the television to measure out the space it will take up. Remember that the size mentioned in the name of the TV refers to the diagonal size and not the width and height of the TV.

If you are putting the TV into a cabinet that is recessed, with bookshelves on either side of the TV perhaps, make sure that you are giving yourself some room on either side. If you need to pivot the TV to get at the cables at the back, you need a few inches to allow for that movement.

When mounting to a wall, please ensure that you are affixing to a wall that can bear the load and that you are using the correct size VESA mount; this changes from TV to TV.

Final Tips

Get a decent tape measure and make it your best friend as you’re finding the place your new TV will go! A pencil, if you want to see a better visual representation, can be useful to make marks on the wall if that’s where you’re placing the TV.

Don’t forget to measure from the base of the stand, if you’re using one when measuring for an entertainment unit or a TV cabinet.

Check your ports. If you have games consoles and Blu-ray players or satellite sets to plug in, make sure that you have the correct type and number of ports on the back of a TV for minimal fuss once it’s installed. You don’t want to have to constantly move your TV once you have it in place, so get it right the first time by checking ahead of time.

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